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This journal has been woefully neglected. ::pets poor journal:: To cheer it up, I come bearing fic.

Writen for the Three Space Shows and a Movie mini-ficathon on AO3.

Title: Twenty Five Flavors
Summary: Teyla is on a mission. Lorne and Zelenka are caught in her wake.
Rating: Probably E for everyone, unless you have a particular aversion to popcorn. Humor.

Twenty Five Flavors )
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So, I'd had every intention of this journal mirroring my site over a live journal. That hasn't happened. So, I think it's time to retask this one. And being the maven of organization that I am, I'm not altogether clear how I'm going to go about that. But for right now, today, it's to help me keep up with my word counts. So, here goes.

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(An episode 4 preview is also available.)

Title: The Devil You Know
Written by: liketheriver ([profile] liketheriverrun )
Artwork by: Lily ([profile] sheppard4lily )
Summary: With Atlantis adrift in the Milky Way and on the verge of losing all power, the expedition is desperate to find a way to save the city.    The potential for help once again comes from an unlikely source- Todd, who’s desperate to save himself from starvation.  The offer, however, comes with a dangerous string attached for Sheppard, one that could jeopardize the lives of his entire team as they hatch a plan to travel back to Pegasus where a new Wraith Queen has set her sights on Todd’s Wraith alliance and domination of the galaxy.  With the fate of Atlantis in the balance, the team must contend not only with the Devil they know, but also the new one that they don’t.

We're providing two links for each episode: one with artwork and one with text only. Both available at the website.

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My entry won second place in round 5. Check out the lovely banner, done by [profile] ddraig_kay (on live journal).

Go here to read the story.

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As my first official cross-posting act, I'm trying to get all my fic to my journal pages. I'll start from earliest and work toward the present. If anyone knows of a way to do this without a gazillion entries, please let me know.

This was my first Atlantis story, wherein I decided I could write part two to The Storm. Of course, it's AU out of the gate. It was fun, though and helped me to get to know the characters.

Title: Storm Surge
Summary: AU continuation of the 1st Season Episode "The Storm"
Characters: all the usual suspects
Rating: PG-13 ish
Word Count: 15,000
Status: Complete
Other Notes: There be Shep Whump here.

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May. 14th, 2009 11:50 pm
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I think I've finally figured out this cross posting thing, so from here on out ::crosses fingers that this works:: I'll be cross posting between DW and LJ.

. . . . here goes nothing . . .
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I'm so, so, so, happy to be here! :) and now, off to decorate . . . .


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